v12.1 2022


CIT Bank


CIT Bank — Brand Evolution
ACD / Lead Art Director


Shortly after winning the CIT Bank account, we focused on evolving and differentiating the brand from its competitors by making it more modern and relevant to the customers’ needs. Through colourful approach we broke the mold of traditional bank advertising and reinforced that CIT Bank is transparent, progressive, and innovative. The new simplified website together with new products, tools and refreshed branding have provided an improved customer experience, doubled the deposit amounts and kept CIT Bank at the forefront of the industry.












CIT Bank — Future Vision


For over 100 years, CIT Group has been providing commercial services to small and middle market businesses and the transportation sector. CIT Bank is now making all that experience and knowledge accessible to all — by offering a suite of tools and savings products designed to help any customer make the right financial decisions and achieve a range of personal goals.



OOH — Bus Wraps

Money-saving Tools and Widgets

Explaining complex financial strategies to parents while they put their children to bed.

Developed original characters and stories based on the industries served by CIT.