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Verizon & Prometheus — Mission Connect
ACD / Lead Art Director



 When Verizon introduced Home Monitoring and Control (HMC) to the market, it coincided with the much talked about Ridley Scott epic Prometheus. Our task was to work in conjunction with FOX and Ridley Scott to bring the two together. So we built an online game that allowed fans to get a sneak peek at the interior of the Prometheus ship and unlock exclusive movie content.


Gameplay actually doubled as a demo of HMC. Users who signed in, became the new members of the crew. Their job was to monitor the ship while the rest of the team explored a temple found on the planet's surface. Using Verizon Home Monitoring and Control they could lock and unlock doors, control lights, room temperature and more. So, when a mysterious energy occurred, they were able to remotely access various parts of the ship, solve challenges and earn entries for a chance to win a trip to London. Prometheus Mission Connect led to the highest product click-throughs in Verizon history, while creating buzz for the movie on Social Media.





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