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Connected Life

The acquisition of Timer Warner Cable and Bright House Networks introduced Charter Spectrum to a larger portion of the country. And while the idea of adding hundreds of thousands of prospects to their marketing footprint was exciting, finding a way to market to each individual region proved to be a bigger challenge. Working closely with the Spectrum team I was able to identify unique themes and versioning techniques that allowed Spectrum to efficiently speak to various target audiences without driving incremental costs and overages. (Produced over 10 TV commercials)




Spectrum Mobile Best Deal In Mobile

Some news has to be celebrated — like Spectrum’s new Unlimited plan. It’s a game changer, something that will have customers and prospects jumping for joy. And while we’re going to throw a big celebration, don’t be surprised if our customers are a little too distracted by the amazing news to notice all the fanfare.



Reasons To Celebrate

The launch of the Best Deal in Mobile turned into an unforgettable party. Now that more and more people are taking advantage of this incredible offer and discovering everything that Spectrum Mobile delivers, they can’t seem to stop the celebration.



Spectrum Wish Specialist

Our services often leave us wishing for better speeds, better choices and all around a better experience. But why waste time wishing? Spectrum Internet and TV can make your wish come true delivering the best services, the best experience at the best price.



Double Your Speed

When Spectrum launched its new GIG Internet together with faster 200 Mbps starting speeds, it was raising the bar for Internet experience, not the price.

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